Rack and Pull Industries: Frame and Alignment equipment for the Professional Motorcycle Technician.

Now as a shop owner, if you own the Straight Shooter live laser measuring system, you will have the opportunity to increase sales by offering suspension alignments with a service or when you install new tires on a bike. You get an alignment on your car or truck when you get new tires, why wouldn't you get an alignment on your motorcycle?

 Any shop can add more horse power and torque to a bike. All this horse power is great! But, it accelerates the wear and tear on swing arm bushings, suspension bearings and mounts, and that causes wobbles, pulls, shakes, and shimmies. 

Factory suspension for most american V-twins was designed for a motorcycle with around 90 foot pounds of torque to the rear wheel. You only have two wheels, and all that extra horse power and torque is going to the one in the rear! How important is it to make sure the wheels and suspension are properly aligned? Any motorcycle shop can make a motorcycle go faster, But with the Straight Shooter, you can make it handle better!

Why are there so few motorcycle frame shops in operation at this time?  Right now if a motorcycle gets hit, it gets towed to a repair shop or dealership and has to be stripped down and transported to one of the few frame shops in any given area. Bottom line, shops don’t have to sublet frame repair any more. Don’t let another shop profit off of your repair.

Keep control of productivity, customer retention and ensure quality control. Most of all maximize your profit with Rack and Pull Industries!

The Rack is a state of the art ride up motorcycle frame straightener/service rack and the Straight Shooter is a live laser measuring system from Rack and Pull Industries.

Rack and Pull is bringing you innovative technology that will create a new market. We are revolutionizing the motorcycle service and repair industry! Don’t be left behind, become an industry leader!